Comparison between UI UX and Graphic Designer

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Comparison between UI UX and Graphic Designer


When I compare graphic designers, UX & UI and graphic design, I like to use spoon comparisons. Spoons are easy. Everyone in day today life uses them. However if I were to grow this way and that in your kitchen cabinet, I would get more than one type of spoon, each looking different and purposeful.

You can have a tablespoon of egg yolks in boiling water or a plastic spoon to feed your small baby. You may have wooden spoons for stirring soup and soup spoons for soup. Everything is different. All spoons. This is what UI, UX & unlimited graphic designer have different purposes even though all three are designers.

Design Roles of graphic, UI, UX, designers

Graphic Designer: Creative graphic designers use color, shapes, images and fonts to create visual content for print and digital media. These designs often serve as standalone, non-functional structures – logos, product placements, advertisements, signs, brochures, baneers, news paper ads, Social media content, Typography, Tshirt, Web design, Promotional Material, Digital Ads. The primary role of a best graphic designer is to attach emotions and feelings to a polished product or company services by choosing the right font, and other visual building materials. The most common softwares used by Graphic Designers are: Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Designer UI: Best Unlimited graphic designers in India create vertical visual content, user interface (UI) designers create interactive visual content that connects eith user on website. This includes graphical elements of applications, websites, and electronic devices that users interact with. The UI designer should create a visual product identification guide with typography, space, color, and layout so that the graphic designer can also create product marking drawings that maintain the same similarity. UI designers are also known as User Connector Developers. The most common software used by the UI is Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop

UX Designer: UX designers focus on all communication between user and product, including how that information made them feel. This type of design extends beyond the visuals to incorporate information design and product prototyping. UX designers need to make updates to the product based on the data to make the next release more efficient and user-friendly. UX architects are also known as UX Architects. The most commonly used softwares by UX designers are: UX map, Woopra, mouse stats

What kind of designer is correct for you?

While there are many types of designers, there is no doubt that affordable graphic desiners are in high demand right now. When we compare graphic designers with UI& UX  the way things look and the way they work, these designers are at the forefront of creating new digital designs for people.

And as the demand for these products grows so does the demand for best Graphic design services in India Increases too. The design of the drawings, by comparison, is stagnant and does not reflect technological progress. The job market is also declining with this type of design over many technology-focused jobs. Today mainly technical graphic designer can do work of all three designers so it is necessary you should hire affordable graphic Designer for your work.

It’s an amazing time to be a designer. And startups offer a fast, efficient way to learn or develop skills and enter the exciting and growing field of rewarding career and future.

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