Design The Perfect Leaflet Or Flyer For Your Brand Promotion

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Design The Perfect Leaflet Or Flyer For Your Brand Promotion


Offering flyers – or “leafleting” as it is sometimes known – is an effective way to promote an event, promotion, sale or other offer in your area. But with hundreds of other businesses doing the same thing, the way to shine is to build.

Before you start building your creative flyer design, think about who your target market is. This will be helpful when it comes to choosing the composition and content. For example, if you sell men’s jeans in your clothing store then your target market will be men aged 16-30 – then your paper design needs to resonate on that census.

Let’s use that as an example of our general design rules to follow. He sells and identifies young men. You want your offer to attract them directly.

Put the offer at the top, in big, bold, masculine words. It should stand out so the “30% OFF MEN’S GENUES” are short and obvious and should lead to a faster flyer. People are always interested in transactions and are more likely to learn a lot if they see “30% OFF”.

The choice of a large, bold font will also attract men, and they will understand, at least to the point of not knowing that this is for them. Using such a font also makes the tract easier to read – this is important as the graphic designing company who deliver your flyers have a few seconds to get customers to pick one up, let alone read them.

Be careful of the colors you choose – and that includes the color of the paper you choose to print your leaflets or flyers – you do not want them to contradict each other. A good combination of black to white, black to yellow and white to black.

If you are planning to use a photo, choose one that will appeal to your target audience – a handsome man wearing jeans and a beautiful woman on the arm in this example can be beautiful – and be sure of the best quality. A negative image will give the impression that your store and your products are also of poor quality.

Also add pictures of real jean you are offered, with the prices targeted, but do not overdo it. You do not want your newsletter to appear full of stuff because this will disrupt the main message.

With a small but not too hot font as your main message, add to the unique retail space, a reason to do ‘now’. This will help catch those customers who thought the offer was good, but weren’t ready to go into your store and shop.

Lastly, make sure your store location and contact details are in that brochure. Near the bottom of the font is a good place for them. If there is a place – and this will depend on how many photos you choose to use, including a small map showing your location is a good idea. If people can find you quickly and easily they will be better able to buy!

When creating your design always keep in mind the size of the paper you will be printing on. The A5 is usually the right size for a piece of paper or a flyer.

Speaking of printing, while you want the print to be of good quality, this is one place where you can save money.

There are a lot of companies that offer cheap tracts and cheap printers these days and many of them offer excellent service and excellent printing.

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