Important tips while designing trade show display banners

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Important tips while designing trade show display banners


In a trade show, you can create a strong impression of your product and brand by using effective trade show templates. Well-designed displays not only sell your product effectively but also reflect the quality of your product. Here are some tips while designing creative banners for trade shows.

Keep your goal in mind

Before you set out to create a design for your display, make sure you keep track of your goals — How can I enhance my product? What kind of image should the brand have in the minds of customers? What message should I convey? What is my expected result from the trade show? What kind of customers do I identify? – ask yourself these questions. Once your goals are clear, you will have a better idea of   the type of design you will need for your product.

Keep it simple

One important factor to keep in mind is that it is easy. You have just a few seconds to draw the attention of thousands of visitors to the trade show. Avoid high-volume words – keep the text short and to the point. Long text may not appeal to a viewer who does not have time to read it. Use easy-to-remember words in easy-to-read style.

Use bright colors

Use bright colors can help your presentation stand out from the crowd. Even using the color combination of your company logo can help. Use a balanced color pattern on your booth as it appeals to the eyes.

Choose your graphics carefully

Using photos for your display is also a fun way, but this should be done with caution. Make sure you do not use too many images and they do not seem to be relevant to the product you are advertising.

Make your product visible

Many companies make the mistake while designing unlimited graphic design of using images and colors to make their product seem trivial. This should be avoided. Keep a focus on product type and product- do not emphasize make-up or color so that the marketing message is lost.

Keep the banner above that level

Always remember to keep your creative banner design above eye level so that it remains visible to the crowd. Otherwise it is hidden by the crowd and not forgotten.


Keep things in perspective

Anything you can use to showcase your product, make sure everything counts. Whether it is paintings, lighting or other accessories, they all have to work in harmony. If something fails, then it serves as a distraction or a clutter.

Inexpensive display options

Outside your booth, look for affordable trade fairs to present your product and keep costs down at the same time. Includes table top, self-adhesive, hanging, fabric, panel and tower display. All of these are inexpensive and can be easily transported.


Use trade show designs to work well with creative thinking and advanced planning. If you use your resources wisely, participation in your trade show will be successful.

However, we all know that while designing a banner keeping all these details in mind is so much difficult. So you may take help from banner designing company in India to design your trade show banner. You may opt for unlimited graphic designing services from graphic designing companies in India.

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